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FIFA 18 Demo

FIFA 18 Demo

FIFA 18 Demo


FIFA 18 has forbidden us. FIFA 18 looks like a decent one

But the game is not easy to look bad. Unfortunately, a

The “decent” offer was not enough. We promised a revolution

Each step is a small step in FIFA (feature {} {(‘review-app-page-desktop’);}); What is the new demo? FIFA has 18 new features. The new circuit system gives you more freedom to overcome the ball. There is a lot of participation in Cristiano Ronaldo so that his skills and techniques can be released. It’s as if someplayers act as they really are and they are like cherry, we have a completely different demo attempt. There is an attempt. All these innovations will bring far more physical and tactical games than ever. The only player is obvious. For example, Bakayoko and Kante Chelsea stand out. One of the most notable changes in the game is no longer a llwyddiannus. As a protection button, as well as the push of a button, you will be penalized if you make bad mistakes when it’s time-consumingto fix the owner of the problem, and something new that FIFA 17 demo had when we went along with him. Yes, FIFA 18 is more beautiful, physical and more tactical, but nothing else. It is not that revolution EA Sports emphasizes that it is achieved through their marketing campaigns and trailers. In addition, there were many problems with FIFA 17, such as strange and scarce AI behavior, but EA did not know about news. In the case of the FIFA 18 Ultimate Team, release the entire game when therelegends like Ronaldo Nazario, Diego Maradona, Pel or Ronaldhino. FUT represents the time through the iconic career of football over time. Daily and weekly goals are also made with Taith, with the capital Hunter. On the way, this story will be more star star players, such as Cristiano Ronaldo, Thierry Henry, James Harden … The campaign is now structured for a shorter goal. You can customize Alex and even bring others open to each other. Without campaigns, FIFA 18 is significantly improved. TheFaces are more realistic, the movements are more fluid and the stadium has more details. Thanksgiving, soccer match, FIFA continues to do what you want.

Scary demo is spectacular. Nothing revolutionary Just decent Every word we think of the FIFA 18 demo. The PES has a significant increase per year and the PES 2018 is no exception, “decent”. Feel the same way for virtual football fansWe assume they are.

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